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Our jewelry, medallion, Stickers and Recovery Gifts sections have been relocated to our new web site.  Traffic is being routed to our NEW SITE - www.recoverygifts4u.com.   The new site contains a larger jewelry & medallion section.  Feel free to visit it now.  Click here.


  Welcome to the source of Recovery Gifts on the web.  We carry a large selection of Recovery Jewelry, Recovery Medallions, Anniversary/Birthday Medallions, and Affirmation Medallions, Recovery Stickers, Recovery Clothing, Recovery Books, Recovery CD's, and a wide variety of Miscellaneous Recovery Gifts for members of all 12 Step programs.  

For members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), we offer a wide selection of AA Jewelry,  AA Medallions; AA Clothing; AA Books; AA Coffee Mugs; AA Stickers; AA Gifts, and to celebrate anniversaries/birthdays, a wide selection of AA Cards.  Browse through our AA Recovery Gifts areas to pick the perfect gift for yourself, or someone who is celebrating a special anniversary/birthday. 

  For members of Narcotics Anonymous (NA), we have NA Jewelry, NA Gifts, and hard to find NA Merchandise, NA Stickers, NA Clothing, NA Books,  and a special section of NA Cards.  Our selection of NA Recovery Gifts is one of the best on the web.  
  For members of Al-Anon (AFG), we carry Al-Anon Jewelry, Al-Anon Gifts, Al-Anon Medallions,  and a wide selection of Al-Anon Books.  We also carry program literature for members of Emotions Anonymous (EA), and Overeaters Anonymous Books, and Co-Dependent  Books.  
  Our  Recovery Gifts section contains a wide variety of items that can be used to brighten both your home, office, or life.  Help your loved one, or a group member celebrate their anniversary/birthday with one of our Recovery Greeting Cards.  We carry a big line of cards, and are adding new ones all the time.  A new item is our Framed Prayers section.  These items are hand made, and beautifully show off the Serenity Prayer and Prayer of St. Francis.  Give a gift of a Coffee Mug, Wall Plaque, or Coin Holders and Key Chains to that someone special.  Specializing in AA Gifts, and NA Gifts.   
  We hope that you will find something that you like.  If you can't find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us, and maybe we can help you find it. We offer convenient ordering right on our web site, or by telephone.  We are looking forward to helping you find just the right item for your needs, or for the someone special in your life.   


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