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Al Anon Books

The road to destruction for an alcoholic is littered with collateral damage; it is a disease that leaves no one unaffected from family members to friends and co-workers. While the descent into full blown alcoholism does not occur overnight the road to recovery is much longer and can in all actuality take the rest of the recovering person's life. It takes courage to stop drinking, courage and help from other recovering alcoholics. The information presented in the many books from Al-Anon can help both the alcoholic and his family understand more about this disease. For family members the books from Al-Anon can become a lifeline in a stormy sea of drinking binges and destructive behavior that started out with a few friendly drinks at some point in the alcoholics past and slowly blossomed into something that they could no longer control.

In the beginning the alcoholic can convince himself that he has control over his problem and that he can quit drinking whenever he wants. Sadly the only person he is really fooling is himself. As time progresses and the drinking continues to worsen it begins to affect everyone around the alcoholic, family members suffer as binges turn argumentative and in some cases violent. The alcoholic does not see what is happening yet, he is still convinced that the problem is not him and that the world is out to "get" him. The library of books from Al-Anon is filled with tales by recovering alcoholics who tell this exact story. The family of the alcoholic may seek help both for themselves and for the alcoholic from friends, their church, and other members of their family.

They may attend meetings given by groups such as Al-Anon who offer support groups not only for the recovering alcoholic but also for the families of alcoholics whether they are in recovery or not. Books from Al-Anon cover the topics of how to survive as the spouse or child of an alcoholic in great depth. This is no easy life and help is needed to survive it until the alcoholic finally chooses to seek sobriety. Once an alcoholic begins to seek help in his road to recovery he will need plenty of help and support from both within his family and without. There are many books by Al-Anon that are designed to help the alcoholic understand the disease that he is suffering from and how much hard work it will take to stay on the road to recovery. These books do not sugar coat the difficult trials that lie ahead on the long road to recovery but instead lay the groundwork for the alcoholic to get a fresh start and take that first step.

Having taken that first step the alcoholic will need lots of support if he is to not slide back onto his old habits. Remember the pull of alcohol is very strong, while the recovery process can be very painful and unpleasant. The recovering alcoholic must learn to live one day at a time for the rest of his life as many of the books from Al-Anon will tell you. You can find many of the books at Recovery Gifts who carries a full line of books and other gifts from Al-Anon and the many other organizations dedicated to helping the alcoholic and his family share the long road back to sobriety. While the road may belong and filled with pitfalls the alternatives are much worse. If you or a friend or loved one suffer from alcoholism or live with someone who is an alcoholic seek help from one of these organizations for the benefit of all concerned, remember you can make a difference.


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