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Welcome to our large selection of Medallions.  We carry a large selection of AA Medallions, from Plastic Chips and Aluminum Medallions, to Bronze AA Medallions, Gold & Silver Inlaid Medallions, and Premium Tri Plate AA Medallions.   Celebrate your sobriety with a beautiful AA Medallion that is engraved with your sobriety date.  Order your group's Antiqued Bronze AA Medallions, to avoid last minute panic attacks.  We also carry a large variety of Inspiration and Affirmation AA and Al-Anon Medallions.

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Our Recovery Medallion section has been moved to our new web-site:  Please click on this link to view us there.  Please contact us at, or call at 866-540-4847, if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you for your patronage.


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